How to Plan Especially for the Kids in Paris Travel


When taking the kids to Paris on vacation there has to be something for them to do as well. What fun would it be without a day planned just for the kids to enjoy themselves? The kids are going to enjoy a new atmosphere naturally, yet the children will miss their friends back home. Keep them occupied and their need to be with friends will subside. Remember at one time we were kids. At heart, we are kids still, so try to pull that child inside of you up, and entertain those little ones.

Make your day for the kids a fun and learning experience. Paris offers a wide array of learning facilities and fun arenas.

How to choose for the kids:
Perhaps your children would enjoy riding on a donkey, or having an ice cream cone on the right side of the bank at the Jardin de Tuileries.

You can also visit the left side of the Jardin dul Luxembourg where you and the children can enjoy a wide array of entertainment suitable for children of all ages. The Champ de Mars is on the other side of the Luxembourg.

In this areas, your children and you can enjoy Paris’s famous puppet shows. The puppet shows are worth seeing for its colorful preclusions. The puppets reenact the Gothic Castles and the Oriental Palace adventures. The best puppet shows are held at the Champ de Mars. Your children will definitely enjoy the experience. Likely, you will enjoy the show as well.

Choosing entertainment for children also depends on age and likes. If you children enjoy Disneyland, they may enjoy visiting Mickey Mouse and his friends in Paris.

If you children enjoy learning, stroll them down to the Ru-Monsirur-6-Prince, this is known as the Yankee Alleyway. Yankee Alleyway marks the year 1959 where the well-spoken Martin Luther King Junior visited Mississippi’s native Richard Wright. The famous novelist, Wright gave his opinion on the movement of civil rights. In this area, your children and you may also want to visit the popular diner, Haunts of Kerouac. In the same area is Paris’s famous Hemingway.

Once your children learn the history at the alleyway, you may want to visit the Les-Catacombs, which is an underground tunnel. Les-Catacombs in Paris is a nice area to visit, if you have older children that enjoy learning history. The tunnel is interesting, since the children walk underground, walking more nearly 3,000 feet of dank walkways. Throughout the tunnels, your children and you will learn about more than 6 million macabre arranged skulls and cross-bone skeletons. Les-Catacombs was opened in 1818. This arena is the French Resistances original headquarters. During WWII, the French Resistance used the tunnels as a militant cemetery.


If the cemetery is too ghastly for the children, perhaps you can take them shopping. Along the streets of Paris are nice shopping malls. You have a choice of Antique shops, souvenir shops, shopping malls, and more. Visit the shopping malls, since children tend to …

How to choose Paris Lodging

Here is a hotel you may want to go and stay at in Paris. It is called the Le Meriden Mantprmasse. At this particular hotel many famous people have stayed.

Many famous people go to Paris to get away or go to do shows at this hotel. There have been many famous people Like B.B. King, Cab Calloway, Fats Domino, Lionel Hampton and many more. This hotel has 953 rooms, and is Paris’s four-star hotel. The hotel is a good one to stay at, since you can tell all your friends back home that you stayed in Paris’s famous lodging arenas. The first-class hotel is minutes away from the Eiffel Tower. The Luxembourg Gardens is near the hotel as well.

This hotel has a bowling alley in it as well as a fitness center. The hotel has non-smoking rooms for those who do not smoke. The hotel also has a gourmet restaurant. In addition, if you want to go for a midnight stroll down the streets of Paris, do not sweat the kids in the hotel sleeping. The hotel has a babysitter in-house to assist you.

Choices of travel:
The hotel also has dry cleaning services for those that need it as well as a meeting room. If your wondering about how you are going to get around, don’t sweat it. The grand hotel is a hop, skip and jump from the train station. If you don’t want to travel via train, take the subway, which is also close to the hotel.

How to choose activities:
The hotel is near the Exhibit Center. If you are not interested in exhibits, you can choose from over 700 hotels to visit. Inside the hotels, you will have a wide selection of activities and entertainment. Most hotels in this area are 3, and 4-star lodging.

Some of the hotels are smaller than others are; yet, Paris has a few hotels that have over a thousand rooms. Inside most Paris, hotels are swimming pools. The family and children perhaps would enjoy an evening dip. In many hotels in Paris, you also have hot tubs. Hot tubs are idea for relaxing and relieving pain after a long day of sightseeing.

How to choose other activities:
Paris has a wide selection of Exhibits shown in various museums. Around Paris you have the choice of visiting Centre Pompidou, Musée du Louvre, Musée de Rodin, Musée d’ Orsay, Musée National Picasso, Arc de Triomphe, Panthéon, Crypte Archéologique de Notre-Dame, Châteaux de Versailles, and so on. You can also take a river cruise on the Bateaux Parisians.

How to obtain passes:
If you intend to visit several areas in Paris, it is best to purchase passes. You can find day passes for two adults online for as little as £69.

Pay an addition £19 for the children. Four adults passes combined with four children passes costs £128. You can also find five-day passes for both children and adults, i.e. ten people for £191. The passes provide you with free …

How to plan a vacation to Paris


When planning a vacation to Paris you want to consider activities, entertainment, meals, flight, and so on. Paris has a wide array of choices from sporting events to entertainment. No matter what you enjoy, you have options in Paris.

One thing you want to keep in mind while vacationing to Paris, i.e. in the country, there are many pickpockets on the street. Therefore, you want to plan to protect your belongings. If someone approaches you, make sure that you take measures to protect yourself, especially if the person is trying to get something from you.

In Paris, many people are staying at apartments. The hotels are nice, yet the apartments are cheaper. The apartments add extra living space while vacationing in Paris. Some of the apartments in Paris are on islands. Some of the areas are ancient neighboring environments stretched over the beautiful Seine River.

You can plan a stay at the apartments near the St. Martin Canal. The hole is conveniently located in central areas around Paris. Some of the apartments have Internet connection, which is ideal for writers, business personnel, and so on.

If you prefer to stay at a hotel then check out the list online. You have a wide array of hotels to choose.

How to choose passes in Paris:
If your purchase passes before you leave for vacation, you will save money. The passes include the Roissy Bus, which costs only $10. You can use this bus to travel to Paris’s popular airports, such as the Gaulle. In addition, you can purchase museum passes. The passes include transportation in some instances. If you purchase the passes in Paris, you will need to consider exchange rates. Online however, you can find the passes for the same amount you would spend in Paris.

If you intend to visit museums in Paris, you can find two day passes. The passes will take you to la Carte and to many monuments and museums in Paris. You are taking straight to the destination. The price of the passes is $40. Paris monuments and museums however allow children under eighteen free passes. If you are on a budget, you may want to get a three-day pass, which you will travel on the metro bus. The pass gives you limitless travel up to three days. The passes cost $13 for children ages 11 and below.

When choosing places to stay in Paris, be sure you research the market. Hotels and apartments are available for vacationers. The downside is many rooms cost $100 and up per night. Online you will find discounts, coupons, and packages that give you a break.

If you plan to stay a few days in Paris, you may want to check out the travel packages, vacation packages, promotional packages, or other packages online.

You will find better deals by choosing the packages. The downside if you prefer to visit Paris without a tour guide, then forgets your plans. The packages have tour guides that take you to Paris’s …

Wining and Dining in Paris

How to Choose your Wining and Dining Arenas in Paris:
When you want to plan a night on the town, it is wise to make sure that you spend the night right. Therefore, check into the best wine and dine areas by visiting your local Travel Agent. Perhaps you can go online to find a wide array of fine wine and dine areas in Paris as well. There are many nice ways to spend your evening while you are in Paris.

If you enjoy cancan dancing, then you will love the wine and dine adventures at the lovely Moulin Rouge Paris. The Temple of French cancans has been taking place in Paris for 100 years now. As the lights deem and the curtain goes up, you will enjoy the show while feeling the magic in the atmosphere. Over 60 women in this show help you to enjoy the cancan dance. If you are not careful, you will be misplaced in the Doriss Girls and her Dancers beauty. While watching the show you will enjoy the 3-course dinner that is served with wine. Do not worry, since you will have a ride back to your hotel. Paris transport will pick you up and take you to the destination. Therefore, you can enjoy Paris’s fine wine without stressing. Remember this is a jacket and tie dinner so that means no casual cloths. This show will last about five hours. What a night!

For those of you who do not like cancan dancers, you may want to enjoy a meal and educational areas around Paris. The dinner is served at the Eiffel Tower. You will enjoy fine dining at Altitude in one of the 95 restaurants in Paris. On the first floor of the restaurant, the name 95 arrived due to the towering meter that is above sea level.

In this restaurant, you will be able to look out the big bay windows at the wonderful lights around Paris. This is not recommended for a romantic dinner, since you will be seated and dinning with the other entire tourist. This restaurant seats 200 people. The restaurant does not give you menus. Rather the staff serves what the menu as for the night offers. You can bring your children at this event.

If you are planning a romantic night on the town, you may want to consider the Seine Cruise, where you will enjoy a selection of entertainment, meals, wine and more. On the cruise you will enjoy find meals over the Champs-Elysees.

How to dress for your cruise in Paris:
This dinner is a formal meal, so you have to be dressed in formal wear. This means no casual wear. The cruise lasts about four hours or so. Here you will enjoy sailing under all the famous bridges that Paris has to offer you. This cruise does not offer drop off and pick ups at the hotel, so take it easy on the wine unless you are taking a taxi home.

Still one …